East Coast Scuba Diving



Scuba Diving on the East Coast – Fujairah

Diving on the East Coast (Dibba to Fujairah) is mainly reefs and a few small wrecks. THE dive centre, sandy beach is located between the towns Dibba and Khorfakkan at Sandy beach Hotel and Resort. The scuba diving you will do here is in the Indian Ocean.

Whether you wish to do a PADI diving course on the UAE East Coast or just come and enjoy scuba diving in the Indian Ocean. We promise you an amazing experience.

THE dive centre runs four trips daily. With night dives every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.  The distance to the dive sites varies from 4 minutes to 20 minutes

Transportation can be arranged from Dubai and accommodation at the Sandy Beach hotel can be booked directly or through the dive centre. For those on a budget, the hotel also offers a ‘Diver’s Dormitory’ for as little as 180dhs per night.

Dive Times:

We operate two dive trips – per day (09:00 & 13:30). Dives are all dives from the boat. Both of these trips are two tank trips.
A typical diving day will look a little like this:

Morning Trip                                                                                                                         Afternoon Trip

8.00            Guests arrive                                                                              12:30                Guests Arrive
8.00-8:15   Paperwork and Payment                                                         12:30 – 12:45   Paperwork and Payment
8:15             Equipment set up                                                                     12:45                 Equipment Set up
8.40            Head down to the boat                                                            13:15                  Head down to the boat
09:00         Boat departs                                                                               13:30                 Boat Departs
12:30          Boat Returns                                                                              17:00                 Boat Returns


  • Please bring log-book, certification card & dive insurance (if you have)
  • Identification is a coast guard requirement for all divers on the board the dive boat. Please ensure this is shown to the boat captain
  • Please arrive 45 minutes prior to dive time
  •  If you have not dived in 12months a scuba review is required, which we can schedule.
  • For dive insurance
East Coast Pleasure Diving AED
Full Kit
T & W
2 Dives 380 325
Shore Dive (add 50AED per extra dive) 200 150
Nitrox per dive 50  
Dive Computer Rental 50  
Dive Package    
10 Dives 1,800 1,380

The dive centre, Sandy beach prides itself on the diversity of dive sites that we choose so whatever your skill level we can certainly accommodate you.

Anemone Gardens

  • Depth – 20m
  • Few meters of depth variation but mostly level.
  • It is a soft coral reef on a sandy seabed.


Car Cemetery

  • Depth – 18m
  • Created in 1988 to form an artificial reef.
  • There were 200 vehicles.
  • But following Cyclone Gonu there’s only about 50 left.
  • There is a lot of sediment in the area, beware of buoyancy.


Coral Gardens

  • Depth – 26m
  • One of the deepest sites on the East Coast
  • Dive Plan Ideas
    • Dive Plan 1
      • Stay on the dive site, but pay attention to bottom time and have a good safety stop. This is the best plan if there is a strong current.
    • Dive Plan 2
      • For a multi-level dive explore this site for a maximum of 10-15 minutes, then follow a compass bearing back to Shark Island. The dive will become progressively shallower allowing you more time to enjoy the site. Do not follow this plan if there is a strong current.


East Coast Scuba Diving

Meet Turtles while scuba diving!

Deep Reef

  • Depth – 30m
  • Consists primarily of a sandy seabed with several large slab-like plates that rise up about a meter from the seabed.


Dibba Island

  • Depth – 16m
  • Long sloping sides that are covered by a reef formed by a variety of soft and boulder corals.


Hole in the Wall

  • Depth – 15m
  • Rocky coral outcrop that slopes out to sea.
  • Small swim through large enough for divers to get through comfortably.
    • About 8m long.
    • Varies from 1.5m – 3m in diameter.


Inchcape 1

  • Depth – 32m
  • Originally known as Gray Swift 2.
  • Built in the USA and shipped to Dubai in 1971 or 1972.
  • Used to transport crew and supplies to and from ships, oil platforms and rigs in both Dubai and Fujairah.
  • Purposefully sunk on 12 December 2001 to form an artificial reef.
  • Sits upright and faces south.
  • Car tires can be found around the gunwales.
  • Remnants of the wheel house can be found on the seabed at the stern of the wreck.


Inchcape 2

  • Depth – 22m
  • Built in the USA and shipped to Dubai in 1974.
  • Transported Crew and Supplies.
  • Purposefully sunk on 24 April 2002 to create an artificial reef.
  • Inchcape 2 sits listing to her port side in 20-22m with the bow facing 280 degrees.
  • It is possible to swim through the whole wreck end to end.


Scuba Dive with Eagle Rays

Scuba Dive with Eagle Rays

Inchcape 10

  • Depth – 24m
  • Originally known as Jetwise
  • Built in Singapore in 1982 and bought by Inchcape Shipping Services in 1998.
  • Purposefully sunk on 28 June 2003 to form an artificial reef.
  • Largest of the Inchcape’s, sits upright, with the bow facing north.


Martini Rock

  • Depth – 3-22m
  • A small submerged coral outcrop.
  • North side of the rock is deepest going down to 22m, whilst majority of the site is at 13m.


Murbah Reef

  • Depth – 5-14m
  • Very dense coral growth.
  • It stretches for about 400m.


Ras Qidfa

  • Depth – 8m
  • A small rocky headland with many hard corals and rocky boulders present.
  • Best to start dive at the southern end and travel north, keeping rocks boulders and wall on your left hand side.


Refinery Reef

  • Depth – 28m
  • Consists of a sandy seabed with several slabs of plate corals and other coral outcrops.


Shark Island

  • Depth – 16m
  • The bottom is sandy and rocky, with a variety of hard and soft corals.
  • Warning – Beware of small brown swimming anemones that deliver a nasty sting if touched.


Sharm Rocks

  • Depth – 14m


Snoopy Island

  • Depth – 8m
  • Many varieties of hard coral that are home to an abundance of anemones and clownfish.